Cassiah is an award winning director, with her debut short film Polly (2017) winning at the Moondance International Film Festival in 2018. She completed her second short Woman of the Night in 2018; her third short Kindling in 2019; completed a lockdown short in 2020; and her upcoming BFI Network supported short Catch A Butcher  will premiere at the BAFTA-qualifying Cambridge Film Festival in Winter 2021.

As a director, Cassiah is motivated to tell stories through a female lens, and often her work explores the projection of femininity, the subversion of typical female roles, and dual heritage/identity.


Cassiah also directs music videos (CASA award nominated) and promotional films for clients. 

Photograph: Anna Brochmann


Catch A Butcher (2021) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Production Company: Tedium Entertainment & BFI Network

I'm Not Fine (2020) Writer/Director

Format: Short

Kindling (2019) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Tedium Entertainment & Badger and Bolt Productions


Woman of the Night (2018) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Production Company: Badgerboy Productions

Polly (2017) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Production Company: Badgerboy Productions & J-J Films

In Pre-Production:

The Pink Pill Director

Format: Short, Producer: Suki Bergg

In Development:

The Wildness Writer/Director

Format: Feature, Producer: Emily Everdee

The Edge Writer/Director

Format: Short, Producer: Lorna Nickson Brown

The Safe House Writer/Director

Format: Short

Marianne and Marcus' Moving Day Director

Format: Short