Cassiah is a director, with her debut short film Polly (2017) winning at the Moondance International Film Festival in 2018. She completed her second short Woman of the Night in 2018; her third short Kindling in 2019; completed a lockdown short in 2020; and her upcoming BFI Network supported short Catch A Butcher is in post-production.

As a director, Cassiah is motivated to tell stories through a female lens, and often her work explores the projection of femininity, the subversion of typical female roles, and dual heritage/identity.


Cassiah also directs music videos (CASA award nominated) and promotional films for clients. 

Photograph: Anna Brochmann


Catch A Butcher (2021) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Production Company: Tedium Entertainment & BFI Network

I'm Not Fine (2020) Writer/Director

Format: Short

Kindling (2019) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Tedium Entertainment & Badger and Bolt Productions


Woman of the Night (2018) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Production Company: Badgerboy Productions

Polly (2017) Writer/Director

Format: Short, Production Company: Badgerboy Productions & J-J Films

In Development:

The Wildness Writer/Director

Format: Feature, Producer: Emily Everdee

The Edge Writer/Director

Format: Short, Producer: Lorna Nickson Brown

The Safe House Writer/Director

Format: Short

Marianne and Marcus' Moving Day Director

Format: Short