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Kindling (2019) 

An homage to fairytales, Kindling is about a young girl who escapes an abusive home when her imaginary self comes to life. The film looks at the power of the mind to persevere and rise above adversity.

Festival Selections & Screenings: 

*Runner Up Best Short Film* Big Picture Festival (2021)

Film & Food Fest Wolverhampton (2021)

Derby Film Festival (2019)

Short Fuse Film Birmingham (2019)

The Short Cinema, Leicester International Film Festival (2019)

Writer/Director - Cassiah Joski-Jethi

Producer - Thomas McDonald and Peter Coventry

Director of Photography - Robbie Bryant

Production Designer - Maria Matei

Editor - Naomi Smallwood

Sound Designer - Billy Godfrey

Composer - Robin Scholochtermier

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