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Cassiah offers low-cost and flexible workshops to filmmakers, offering insight into developing, writing and making their own short films, all the way through the conception of an idea to distribution. Cassiah also runs workshops focused on career and project development, and offers bespoke mentoring sessions and script feedback. Cassiah's films have been funded by BFI and BBC, winning awards and screening across the UK and internationally. 

As well as running workshops independently, Cassiah has run Directing Sessions for the BFI, Birmingham Film and Screen School, and multiple Universities throughout the UK. 

Workshops take place over 3 evenings online, as well as a one-to-one follow up session per filmmaker. Fees run between £75 (Short Film Series) and £100 (Professional Development Series).

If you are interested in joining her next workshop series, drop her an email for more information, or if you would like to book Cassiah to run a workshop or speak at an event, please also drop her an email:  

Cassiah was a great presenter – super personable and totally engaging throughout! Presenting for 2 hours on zoom is not easy but Cassiah delivered the content with ease and confidence and the sessions really felt like they flew by! A great introduction to short filmmaking for anyone interested in bringing their ideas to life on screen!

I can highly recommend the Short Film Workshop Series. Cassiah is warm, approachable and knowledgeable. She inspires whilst educating through this excellent and informative series.

Cassiah is a fantastic instructor! For anyone looking to build their confidence in filmmaking I cannot recommend this course more highly.

It’s not very often that I leave a course feeling like I got exactly what I was looking for, but I actually felt that with this. I needed a brief introduction in what is involved in creating a short film and I feel really well-informed now. Like I could actually start the process now. It’s incredibly good value for money, really thorough and well organised.

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